These Color Schemes Will Make Your Rooms Bigger

These Color Schemes Will Make Your Rooms Bigger

Basic White Scheme

The reason why white is the standard in many new homes is plain and simple: white rooms will always look the biggest. Of course, real estate agents want to impress prospective buyers that they are getting a lot for their money—its an investment, after all. On the other hand, homeowners love white since it makes the perfect canvas for decorating. Its versatile and literally goes with everything and won’t clash with anything even if your furniture is on the dark and dramatic side.

Best of all, white walls with bolder accents give the immediate illusion that the walls are further away. Painting an accent wall will not make the other walls feel like they’re suffocating you even if your room is quite tiny. Even if you paint it red, blue, or green or paint black and white stripes on it, an accent wall will remain unobtrusive and a room feels large as long as you keep the other three walls white.

Citrus Scheme

Another good colour to brighten up and make a room bigger is yellow. It's ideal especially for rooms that don’t get too much light. However, don’t go too bright or too dark with the shade of yellow you choose. Understated shades of yellow include banana, lemon, or creamy yellow work the best for space creation. They can also benefit from added contrast using other corresponding citrus colours like orange sorbet or lime green. This technique can make narrow rooms seem longer.

Blues and Greens Scheme

Do you prefer a neutral room that still incorporates colour? Lighter blues and greens create a soothing atmosphere that simultaneously enlarges and brightens your space. Seafoam green especially ideal because it works well with so many other shades, such as pink, blue, white, or yellow. You can also use a darker trim in the same spectrum, using a vibrant emerald, a rich forest green, or a vivid glass-bottle green.

If you prefer a subtler shade, light blues and greens can also make your room bigger and brighter while simultaneous making the atmosphere more subdued and soothing. This scheme succeeds in keeping your space neutral while adding a welcome splash of colour that works with the room. Of course, seafoam green is ideal particularly when paired with other neutral accents like white, yellow, and even pink. Another route is to pair your blues and greens colour scheme with darker trims as long as you keep it grounded like emerald green or royal blue. Moreover, blue with white creates a vintage quality to your room as long as you keep your window treatments white to maintain a larger than life look.

Pastels Scheme

While pastel colours like pink, peach, mauve, and lilac might be too feminine on their own, they are perfect choices for brightening and extending out a small space. You can add complementary shades of cream and beige to keep the balance when you need to add trims to doors and window frames. Once again, stay in the same spectrum as you go darker with your accents. These are especially relevant when choosing your pillows, rugs, and window treatments to keep everything tied together.

Grey Scheme

When trying to brighten a room, the colour grey might not immediately come to mind. However, grey can be used when white doesn’t do the job of subduing a space a little bit. You can use softer hues of grey to relax a room while keeping it airy and light. Like white, it works well with other colours and can remain just as unobtrusive. It’s perfect for rooms in your home that will be dedicated to lounging like the bedroom.

Cotton Candy Pink Scheme

Not only can a pink scheme set a sunny and sweet attitude that will make a room look large, but its sophisticated enough not to be limited to the nursery. Soft pink shades have a high gloss that makes a room shine and can seamlessly be accented with white pillows, furniture, and other accessories. Best of all, pink complements other shades of pink like bubblegum pink and dusty pink to give a room a fun but finessed flourish that is undeniably modern and chic.

Some favourite non-pink flavours to beautifully pair it with include burgundy and black or go bolder with bright red and orange.

Black and White Scheme

Black and white on your walls will give your small space a big, unexpected twist. No colours play better with other colours like black and white. They give any room a lofty elegance since they’re so rooted in classic and traditional style. Furthermore, the basic balance of black and white bring a balance that works to extend space beyond its limits, which is why they are often used in optical illusion drawings. They will likewise create the illusion of dimension and space. You can even make your whole room future-forward by pairing it with mirrored elements, rich textures, and eye-catching metals.

Finally, use numerous colour transitions with paint, furnishings, treatments, and accessories overall to create more space in a small home. This optical illusion forces your eye to stop and register the colours, making things not only bigger but taller too.


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