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No more Ikea for me

After building Ikea furniture for the last 20 years, I am happy to say I ordered the Transformer Table, which came fully preassembled, and I sat and ate dinner with my family around our new table 10 minutes after receiving it. Win.


I got the ultimate dining set in black colour and it is beautiful and just as expected. The finish is textured but not a hassle to clean at all. Only 1 thing: one fo the benches arrived damaged. I contacted customer service right away and they asked me for pictures. That same day, I had the tracking number for a new bench they were sending me, which arrived in great condition as my other pieces did. 2 of my friends already ordered theirs after seeing my set! Transformer Table, you have started a revolution!

Helpful staff

I love my new ultimate dining set, but I'm even more wowed by the staff at transformer table. I completely messed up my order and they took so much time fixing everything with me. My set came fast and in perfect condition - very impressive for furniture coming from Canada! Thank you TT Team!

Too good to be true

I always thought you could have an extendable table and a nice hardwood table, but I never thought I could do both! I am over the moon with the table and benches. Makes my life so much easier, thanks a million transformer table

"Incredible Idea, outstanding product and the perfect Table for anyone"

"From a single person work desk to a full dinner hosting table in seconds"

"A meticulously crafted and remarkable dining experience. A Table for all"

Transformer Table 2.0 | 6 Tables In 1

The Transformer Table is announcing the LAUNCH of our 3 rd Kickstarter project the Transformer Table 2.0 – The Next Generation REAL HARDWOOD in 4 NEW FINISHES. The most VERSATILE 6-IN-1 table you have ever seen. What makes our table so special, well it can be transformer from 18 inches to 118 inches, from console size to a full dining table that can sit from 2 to 12 people and then simply be stored away.

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The Optimus Prime of Tables: Transformer Table 2.0

The Transformer Table 2.0 is currently being featured on Kickstarter. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this project was the fact that I could literally use this table for the rest of my life. Coming from a guy in his late 20’s, I’ve moved a lot. Seriously, a lot. I’ve left countless tables in previous spots because I didn’t have the space or care enough about it to take it with me. When you live with roommates, tables are those things that just kind of live with the house. This is a table I could take with me from place to place and never have to worry about it accommodating the space.

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    Extendable Transformer Table 2.0 covers the long and the short of it

    The Transformer Table is more than meets the eye. After the original launched the back in 2016,... Continue Reading >

    The Trandformer table 2.0 can extend upto 12 seater table

    The Transformer table 2.0 is the only transformer you'll ever need. This is a piece of furniture... Continue Reading >

    Transformer Table 2.0 6-in-1 Hardwood Table

    Use one table for all your needs with the Transformer Table 2.0 6-in-1 Hardwood Table. Featuring size-changin... Continue Reading >

    Transformers 2.0 The Table

    This table makes an incredible transformation from seating 2 people to 12. The transformer table 2.0 is... Continue Reading >


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Transformer Coffee Table

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  • Birch Grey

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  • Chestnut

  • Black Oak


Add 1 Table + 2 Benches to your order making it the Ultimate Dining Set!