Transformer Couch - 1 Seater

Seat Up To 2 People
$999 $899

A Couch That Always Fits Your Life

A couch that expands and adapts to whatever changes come your way: a bigger home, a growing family, rearranging your space, or changing your style. Transformer Couch is the most versatile and adaptable couch in the world. No matter your desired setup, Transformer Couch has you covered.

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Couch Configurations

4 Simple Steps

Easy Setup

1. Unbox it

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2. Assemble it

Built from a solid hardwood frame, Transformer Couch provides support and stability. Sinuous spring seating construction offers a uniform seating platform. The seat cushions offer supportive high density foam seating, offering longevity and versatility.

3. Connect it

Transformer Couches modular design allows you to configure and rearrange your style no matter the occasion.

4. Enjoy it!

Its light weight and compact design allow its sections to fit just about anywhere in your home, no matter your space requirements.

Endless Possibility

Hundreds of different configurations are possible with your Transformer Couch. Easily rearrange your Transformer Couch to meet your needs.

A Couch That Changes With You

Reinvent the look of your Couch over and over. Our interchangeable covers provide you with the freedom to change your style no matter your new design.

Fits In Any Home

Completely space saving and modular, the Transformer Couch can literally fit in any home of living space. You can create a Couch that always fit your lifestyle.

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0% APR financing available*

Get as low as 0% APR financing over six months with*

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