Outdoor enclosed patio set.

10 Outdoor Enclosed Patio Ideas

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September 12, 2022

There is nothing like a backyard patio, especially in the warm summer months. One of the reasons that people choose to buy single detached homes with large backyards is for the sole purpose of installing a patio. When the sun is shining and the season warrants time outside, there is nothing like having your own private outdoor patio to appreciate everything that the season has to offer.

An outdoor enclosed patio gives your family and your friends a place to relax in the middle of summer. It can add additional property value to your home, and it can even be used to support a hot tub just outside your back door. If an outdoor enclosed patio is a homeowner’s summer dream, an outdoor enclosed patio with a hot tub is the textbook definition of a backyard oasis.

Why an outdoor enclosed patio is a great idea

One of the reasons an outdoor enclosed patio is a great idea is that it offers you a private place to relax in the sun. It’s nice to be friendly with your neighbors, but you don’t want prying eyes watching your every move while you enjoy your backyard. With an outdoor enclosed patio, you can relax in the sun or invite over some friends without having additional attention from those on the other side of the backyard fence.

Outdoor enclosed patio set.

Privacy isn’t the only perk of an outdoor enclosed patio. It’s also a great place to cook and enjoy a meal on a nice sunny day. Installing a barbeque within the space of your enclosed patio means you can cook a nice dinner for your friends or family and enjoy the dining experience within your own outdoor eating area. It’s a great way to mix things up if you want a break from cooking inside the kitchen day after day.

What to consider when thinking of outdoor enclosed patio layouts

If you do install a patio in your backyard, an enclosed setting with easy access to and from the kitchen is one thing you’ll want to consider. Most people use their patios to relax, enjoy a nice drink, or cook and eat an outdoor meal. Easy access to and from the kitchen makes for an easier cooking experience and gives anyone visiting your house the freedom to refresh their drinks at their own convenience.

You also want to think about the primary purpose of the patio. Will it primarily be used by your family and a few friends for quiet gatherings together, or do you plan to host lavish parties on the patio for large groups? The primary use case of the patio will dictate things like size, style, and what type of furniture you install in the enclosed space. Make sure you think through all of your primary use cases before moving forward with installation.

Outdoor enclosed patio set.

10 outdoor enclosed patio ideas

So what are some prime examples of outdoor enclosed patio ideas to spruce up your backyard with a more relaxing setting? What are some of the things you should consider as you come up with designs for your own patio space?

Remember that there’s no standardized, cut-and-dry method to creating a patio of your own. Each patio should be distinct, reflecting the character, the tastes, and the degree of comfort that each homeowner has for his or her own backyard needs. There may be some design ideas that are very unique to your own requirements, and you should lead any new construction of a patio of your own based on your inherent preferences.

However, to help inspire some of that creativity, it helps to start with some of the basic concepts to get the ball rolling. Here’s a quick breakdown of some things to consider when installing a patio of your own.

Patios with curtains

Suppose you don’t have the budget for a fully enclosed patio or you prefer having a more open design to the allotted space. You can install curtains on the side of the patio and drape them over the open area for privacy whenever you want to enjoy a quiet day with no prying eyes. Curtains aren’t made just for the indoors, and they can be a great way to provide the privacy you want to have outside without overextending your budget on those additions.

Patios with blinds

Similarly, you could substitute the curtains with blinds. This will be more of an expensive option than curtains, but the investment could pay off with a really impressive design that adds greater character to the patio space.

Plants and flowers

Many people love to decorate the outside of their homes with fresh plants and beautiful flowers. An outdoor patio is the perfect space for a little greenery. You can install hanging potted plants or create a small garden on the edge of the patio to breathe some flowery life into the area.

Add a tropical design

Instead of blinds that resemble interior decorations, you could suspend wooden blinds along the edge of the patio to add a more outdoor, rustic, and even tropical feel to the area. Adding a few tiki torches near the corners of the patio will help further create that tropical experience.

Consider an outdoor bar

Rather than force guests to go in and out of the kitchen for refills, you could eliminate that hassle by installing an outdoor bar within the confines of your patio. It’s best to have enough space to support a bar without sacrificing real estate to move around and relax with guests so make sure you have the proper room for this addition.

Outdoor enclosed patio set.

Outdoor dining area

If a bar is not in the cards, an outdoor dining area is a great alternative. Install a nice seating area for friends and loved ones to enjoy a freshly cooked meal out in the fresh air. During the summer, you could use this dining area for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; don’t limit yourself!

Add a wooden gazebo

It’s very common for homeowners to convert patio space into an enclosed wooden gazebo in the middle of the backyard. This is a great shelter from the sun on very hot days, and it can be treated as a private getaway from the inside of the house if you need a break from the family.

Consider an outdoor sauna

A similar concept to the gazebo, but the structure is converted into a sauna that you can use as your own personal spa. It’s very common to install a wooden barrel structure in a patio space where you can choose to step inside and bask in the intense heat of the sauna space. Work up a great sweat on days when high UV rays make it less safe to be out in the direct sunlight.

Create an outdoor living room space

Patios don’t have to just be a place to eat outdoors and enjoy the occasional summer beverage. It’s becoming more common for people to treat outdoor enclosed patio spaces as opportunities to create extensions of the interior of their homes. By installing a white rooftop to keep the light in and the temperature cool, you can add an outdoor living room to your backyard. If you can winter-proof the enclosed space, it could be a part of your home to enjoy all year round!

Install modular furniture across your patio space

If you’re going to install an outdoor enclosed patio in your backyard, it’s not a complete patio experience without comfortable and inviting furniture. Rather than limit yourself to traditional patio furniture, give yourself more freedom and flexibility by investing in transformer modular furniture for your patio.

The best part of outdoor modular patio furniture is that it can be fully customized for any situation. You can keep the furniture confined to smaller, singular seating areas when it’s just you and your family enjoying a day in the sun. On days when guests will be coming by for an outdoor party, you can expand the furniture into much larger and longer seating areas to accommodate all of those guests. That’s the beauty of how outdoor modular furniture works; it’s fully versatile and can support any social situation. If you are looking for more ideas on how to turn your small backyard into an oasis, click on the link.