• Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Dining Set Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Dining Set
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    $4,020 $2,814 $117.25 / Mo*
    • Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Bar Cart Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Bar Cart
    • Black Friday in Summer
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    • Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Chairs Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Chairs
    • Black Friday in Summer
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    $255 $178.50 $7.43 / Mo*
    • Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Umbrella Dark Teak::Gallery::Transformer Patio Umbrella
    • Black Friday in Summer
    • 30% Off

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Any Questions?

  • What is a Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection, and how does it work?

    The Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection features our brand-new Transformer Patio Table™, Transformer Patio Bench™ and Transformer Patio Chairs™ - which come as a bundle - as well as add-ons like the Transformer Bar Cart™, the Transformer Patio Umbrella™, and extra chairs too. Essentially, we have created an outdoor version of our famous Transformer Table™ collection with a 6-in-1 extendable table and bench, stackable chairs, a bar cart slash panel storage solution, and an enormous umbrella to protect you from sun rays while you dine.

  • Is financing available for the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture?

    Order now, pay later, and enjoy all summer! Financing is available for residents of the US & Canada at this time. Simply choose the financing option at checkout at the payment step of the process to apply with our third-party partner. 

  • Is the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection available worldwide?

    Yes, the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection ships worldwide! Plus, we offer free shipping to over 35+ countries around the globe.

    Free Shipping: United States, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Vietnam, Estonia, Finland, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Oman & Kuwait. Some exceptions apply. 

  • What are the weights of each product in the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection?

    Transformer Patio Table™ console: 115 lbs ⎹ 52 kg Transformer Patio Table™ panel: 13 lbs ⎹ 6 kgTransformer Patio Bench™ console: 86 lbs ⎹ 39 kg Transformer Patio Bench™ panel: 4 lbs ⎹ 2 kg Transformer Patio Chairs™: 11 lbs ⎹ 5 kg each Transformer Bar Cart™: 79 lbs ⎹ 36 kg

  • Which materials are used in the construction of the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ products?

    Each piece of furniture in the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection is constructed with an aluminium frame and a patent-pending technology  called Teak Wood™ as the surface finish. The telescopic mechanism included in both the Transformer Patio Table & Bench is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel for years of easy sliding. All of the materials are weather-resistant and rust-proof by design, so you can enjoy your outdoor patio furniture for a lifetime of BBQs. 

  • How do I clean & maintain my Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture?

    Cleaning and maintaining your Transformer Outdoor Dining™ products is simple. With their waterproof design and integrated drainage, the furniture can easily be washed with small quantities of soapy water and a garden hose. 

  • What makes the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection different from other patio furniture on the market?

    Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture offers a level of customization and practicality that you won't find anywhere else. The table and bench are both extendable with 6-in-1 configurations, the chairs are stackable for easy storage, the multifunctional bar cart doubles as a panel storage solution, and the umbrella expands to cover the entire area of the dining set. Plus, all of this functionality is offered along with a high-end design and an affordable price. 

  • Will Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture rust over time?

    With an aluminium frame, a galvanized steel mechanism, and integrated drainage design, Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture is completely rust-proof for years of uninterrupted enjoyment. 

  • What is the warranty on Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture?

    The telescopic mechanism made of galvanized steel found in both the Transformer Patio Table & Bench includes a 10-year warranty, while the rest of the collection is protected by a 1-year limited warranty which covers potential manufacturing defects and transport damage. To learn more, visit ourwarranty page

  • Will any of the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ products need to be assembled upon delivery?

    The Transformer Patio Table, Bench, and Umbrella are all delivered fully assembled so they can be used right out of the box. As for the Transformer Bar Cart and Patio Chairs, they require simple assembly that can be completed by one person in just a few minutes. Plus, an instructions manual and the hardware required is included in their boxes to facilitate the process even more. 

  • Is the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture weather resistant?

    Of course! Each piece of furniture in the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection is weather resistant to all seasons and can withstand anything mother nature throws at it. Rain or shine, Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture is built to last. 

  • Can I easily store it all away when I need to?

    That's the beauty of the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection! With integrated panel storage and collapsible design, each product in the line is created with optimized storage in mind. 

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Sturdy & Strong

No flimsiness in sight - the Transformer Patio Table™ is extremely strong and sturdy. At its most extended setting, it can hold up to 750lbs/340kg and the telescopic mechanism that makes it all possible holds a 10-year warranty. Furthermore, there is an adjustable support leg that is connected to the mechanism which slides out for extra reinforcement. Enjoy your table with up to 12 people.

Highly Adaptable

Why should we adapt our lifestyle to static pieces of furniture when the opposite can be true? This outdoor dining set is truly the only patio furniture you’ll ever need - it adapts to you. Whether you need extra space out on your deck or extra space at your table - we got you, no matter the occasion. Plus, it is easy for one person alone to adjust the size of their Transformer Patio Table™.

Built to Last

Just as you thought it’s too good to be true, there is more. Made of a high-quality aluminum frame, a rust-proof galvanized steel mechanism, and a Teak Wood™ finish, our Transformer Patio Dining Set™ is built to last a lifetime - tried and true. We manufacture our ingenious furniture with only the highest quality standards in place so that you can enjoy your modular dining furniture for generations.

Why Over 100,000 Families Chose TT


Strong & durable materials by design.

Compact Storage

Conveniently self-stores for optimal space-saving.

10-Year Warranty

On the aluminium telescopic mechanism.

Easy Maintenance

Simple & easy to clean with soapy water.

Weather Resistant

Rust-proof construction & integrated drainage.

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