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Our Partnership

Transformer Table and Stella Artois share the common value of finding creative ways to bring people together. In today’s environment where working from home is the new normal and furniture needs to be multifunctional, collaborating with Stella Artois to create a solution-driven furniture piece was the perfect synergy between our two brands.

Designing and manufacturing modular furniture products is Transformer Table’s purpose and we’re excited to launch this custom piece of furniture with Stella Artois. We’re confident The Savouring Table is something the world has never experienced until now and we look forward to Americans effortlessly flipping from their professional careers to moments worth savouring.

Classic, reinvented.

The performance you need, with the quality you love.

Resistant Finishes

Take pleasure in a high-end look and feel with a hefty resistance to heat, stains and scratches alike.

Integrated Storage

Enjoy an organized workspace and a neat and tidy dining experience with this table's integrated storage system for loose items.

2 Colors Available

Choose from two beautiful wood finishes – light and natural Scandinavian Oak or deep and rich Dark Walnut.

Transform your everyday with endless possibilities.

Everyday Work

Hone in on your 9-5 with state of the art functionality and style. Create your perfect work setup with the modular capabilities of the Table to Desk and settle in to the 2 built-in ergonomic workspaces to channel your deepest productivity.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips - each workspace is equipped with a power bar including 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports, 4 electrical outlets, and VESA 200x200 mounts that can hold 2 monitors each up to 27”.

Everyday Savouring

At a moment’s notice, close up the hydraulic flip-top mechanism of the hidden monitor desk and comfortably seat your guests with the ergonomic design of the Table to Desk - The Savouring, which accommodates 6 dining chairs.

Make time to gather with those who count and elevate your dining experience with heat, stain, and scratch-resistant solid oak veneer and golden steel detailing. Plus, savour each moment with ultimate peace of mind with our limited warranty.

  • What is the Table to Desk - The Savouring? 

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring is a one-of-a-kind innovation in workspace furniture. This multifunctional furniture piece transforms seamlessly from desk to table as needed to help you reclaim your home space and work-life balance.

  • What are the features of the Table to Desk - The Savouring?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring features:
    - Solid oak veneer & golden steel base
    - Comfortably seats up to 6 people
    - Designed ergonomically to accommodate 6 chairs
    - Resistance to scratches, heat & stains
    - Integrated storage space for loose items
    - Modular possibilities to create your perfect work & dining setup
    - Hydraulic flip-top mechanism
    - Two built-in ergonomic workspaces 
    - Concealed cable management within the structure
    - Hidden monitor setup
    - Capacity for 4 mounted monitors up to 27" - 2 per workspace

  • What is included with The Table to Desk - The Savouring?

    The Savouring Table includes: 

    - Safety clamp to secure units into place
    - Portable Bluetooth speaker with up to 8 hours of wireless playback
    - Each workspace is equipped with a power bar including 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports + 4 electrical outlets
    (North American Standard: 15A 120v - type B NEMA 5-15)

  • How easy is it to flip from desk to table?

    The hydraulic lift-top mechanism makes it easier and more effortless than ever to flip from your 9-5 to your 5-9 as needed.

    When you convert it from desk to dining table, your monitors will be hidden and everything on your desk surface will be exactly where you left it.

  • Is the Table to Desk - The Savouring available worldwide?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring is available for purchase across Canada & the United States with free shipping*. 

    *Some exclusions apply. 

  • What materials are used in the construction of the Table to Desk- The Savouring?

    The wooden finish is characterized by a solid oak veneer, while the base and accents are built with golden steel. 

    All hardware is made of heavy-duty steel to last the test of time. 

  • What is the warranty on the Table to Desk - The Savouring?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring is protected by a 1-year limited warranty. For more details, please consult our warranty page

  • What are the dimensions of the Table to Desk - The Savouring?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring Measurements:

    Height: 31.5" ⎮ 80 cm
    Length: 64.5" ⎮ 164 cm
    Width: 48" ⎮ 122 cm
    Edges: 5.5" ⎮ 14 cm
    Base Thickness: 2" ⎮ 5 cm

    Work Area Measurements

    Height - work surface to top: 25" ⎮ 63.5 cm
    Length: 62.5" ⎮ 159 cm
    Width: 19" ⎮ 48 cm
    Edge - inside work surface: 4" ⎮ 10 cm

  • Will I have to assemble my Table to Desk upon delivery?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring requires simple assembly - an instruction manual as well as the included hardware will be at your disposal upon unboxing your table to desk.

  • How many people can the Table to Desk - The Savouring comfortably seat?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring comfortably seats up to 6 people for dining, and 1-2 people per workspace. 

  • Is the Table to Desk - The Savouring resistant to spills and liquids?

    While the Table to Desk - The Savouring is designed to be sealed to resist spills and liquids, always wipe your table to desk dry immediately to prevent damage to electrical components.

  • Is the Table to Desk - The Savouring suitable for outdoor use?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring is suitable for indoor use only. Check out our Transformer Outdoor Dining Set for your outdoor space. 

  • How do I clean and maintain my solid oak veneer Table to Desk?

    Simply use a lint-free dampened cloth with a touch of gentle wood-specific cleaner and wipe in the same direction as the wood grain. Always wipe down any spills or liquids immediately to prevent damage to electrical components. 

    Due to the nature of the solid wood veneer materials, we highly recommend taking the necessary precautions to keep your dining table looking brand new for many years to come, such as using protective accessories like tablecloths, placemats, coasters, and hot plates to shield your desk to table furniture. 

  • Can I see product reviews?

    Our innovative furniture pieces are now in over 100,000 homes around the globe. You can read thousands of Transformer Table reviews from real customers.

  • How wide are the edges of the Table to Desk - The Savouring?

    The Table to Desk - The Savouring's edges are 5.5" ⎮ 14 cm

  • How much does the Table to Desk - The Savouring weigh?

    Each desk unit weighs 54 kg ⎮ 119 lbs

    The Table to Desk weighs 108 kg ⎮238 lbs

  • How much weight can the Table to Desk - The Savouring support?

    Top: Supports up to 200 kg ⎮ 440 lbs of weight

    Workspaces: Support up to 40 kg ⎮ 88 lbs of weight

  • How versatile is the Table to Desk - The Savouring?

    Unique of its kind on the market, this desk-to-table innovation features two workspaces and dining space for six in one singular piece of furniture, saving time and space for ultimate efficiency in your work-life balance. Plus, the endless modular possibilities allow you to create your perfect customized work & dining setups every time. 

  • Is the Table to Desk - The Savouring ergonomic?

    Yes, the Table to Desk - The Savouring is ergonomic. Achieving an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and longevity was of utmost importance when designing the Table to Desk, as we wanted to ensure they would be suitable for daily use.

  • How is the Table to Desk - The  Savouring Table shipped?

    Each desk unit comes in one box - you will receive two to create your innovative dining table. 

    Each order is packaged onto a wooden pallet for safety during shipping, ensuring your furniture arrives in perfect condition to its final destination. 

  • Are the products listed on your website true to colour? 

    Our furniture is photographed in lighting that is reflective of real-life home settings to project an image that is as true to colour as possible. Different screens may present changes out of our control.

    Furthermore, due to the natural variation possible with solid wood veneer finishes, each product is unique and may slightly vary in grain, colour, and knotting.

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