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sippin see for my new table

Seriously considering hosting a sippin' sit for my new table and bench. I ordered the arctic white and matching bench. It arrived within two weeks and the setup was very easy. I am not the biggest fan of the coffee table, but it is growing on me.

Really worth the wait.

I am thoroughly delighted with the quality and versatility of the transformer table. Mine has the American Mahogany finish and the depth of color is incredible. I am happy I took the leap of ordering this table online. It’s more than I had hoped.

Awesome, amazing quality table.

Placed an order on 3/6/2021 that’s expected to shop by 4/23. Two days later a customer rep contacted me to inform me about potential shipment dates. And then only after 2 weeks my order was shipped!! Way faster than expected. The customer service throughout the process was seamless and efficient, I always got the same day reply. Very happy with the purchase, amazing quality and I’m sure the table and bench will be with us creating beautiful memories!!

Great table but a Catch

Love the actual table. Very useful for small spaces and the wood/finish is top quality. I appreciate that they include touch up paint. The actual pieces are very heavy and hard to move around, particularly the benches, since it stores panels inside. Its almost too difficult to move for someone of small stature. So keep that in mind. Someone middle aged or older, or with back and knee problems, might really struggle. Also I had a hell of a time moving them out from my porch to inside my house because each package is 70lbs plus. And there are 5 seperate packages in this set with the free coffee table. I think it should be more full service i.e. bringing it into your house and help assembling it/removing it from boxes. Other furnature companies do put things together for you or at least bring them inside the house. I think that would really make the difference as its quite a hassle for the buyer to do on their own for the steep price. Otherwise beautiful and well made pieces that will hopefully last a lifetime! I would still recommend but I do think the company can do much better on the shipping end.

Exactly what I wanted.

I had been eyeing this table for a while. I'm glad we decided to finally get it. I think this will be last table we ever own, as it's versatility is amazing. I love that I can host holiday get togethers without bringing in an extra, cheap plastic, table just to accommodate everyone.
Solid hardwood, at this price point, is impossible to come by. Plus, they even add in a small bottle of color matched lacquer, in case of scratches or dings. With 3 kids and 2 dogs, I will be needing that for sure! It's super easy to put together, and is really sturdy. I highly recommend!

Best table ever

I have had my table and bench for a little over a year. It is very sturdy and so versatile. I don't remember there being any shipping issues and even got a courtesy call to verify my order before it shipped, which was great because I had a few questions about the finish. I get so many compliments on it. I highly recommend! They didn't have the coffee table option when I bought but I think that would be a wise decision to store the extra leafs.


Shipping took a long time but just a tad bit longer than I was told when I ordered. I got the full set plus coffee table. These are solid pieces. They make one realize how cheap most of the other stuff we buy nowadays furniture wise. These are absolutely built to last. One thing, don’t get the impression that he benches are going to be easy to just be moved around whenever. They are HEAVY. Even with all the pieces taken off and NOT in the storage area, these are still really heavy. But again, that is testament to their solid construction. Shipped very well (styrofoam-a-rama).

Gorgeous Table

This table arrived earlier than expected. I ordered it in the Australian Acacia. This table is exquisite! Solid the grains and the color are beautiful. There was no assembly came straight out of the box. I also got the coffee table with the winter sale. Just as beautiful. It is a great piece and functional as it stores all the table panels. It does require assembly. It’s also a must have piece. So glad I made this purchase.

good table long wait

Ordered at the end of November, 2020 and just received it now. I mean i understand with the pandemic and everything... but i do i love the table and i got it in birch grey, it looks great. Been looking for something like this since i was like 26 lol ... 5 stars for table 3 star for waiting ... :) :(

Nice quality product

Very well built and out of the box easy to use, no set up required other then putting the panels on. Even my 6 year old can do it. will be enhoying this for a while :D

Well worth the wait.

I have to say that while looking for a product like this i did not really see other good alternatives. This is the reason why i went with transformer table, just the idea of being able to move a 10 foot table awau in seconds was amazing.

Generally speaking it lives up to its promise of quliaty and style which i love. The only thing i would suggest is being patient since it did take a little longer then excepted to arrive which is understandable in the current situation of the world, i didnt mind the wait and was informed of the delay as soon as i placed the order. I read other reviews of people saying that it took long so i was kind ready for this.

Happy enough

Ordered the Canadian dark oak. My only complaint is that it took 2 weeks longer to receive than originally stated. Ordered mid October, was supposed to receive by the end of November. Received it 2 week of December. All in all, very happy with product. Also, there was a small noticeablescratch on one of the panels. Other than those 2 things, very happy so far.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

The table and benches are beautiful and my wife and I love them.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

We love our set! Love how good the quality is.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0
A really enjoyable set

I love this set so much!! High-quality solid wood, high-quality joinery, and hardware. Feels solid to sit on. Stylish, both modern and classic. So compact!! The fact that the bench slides under the table is so great especially for small apartments. The packaging was very neat, tidy, and well cared for. You’ll see what I mean, it’s a really enjoyable set.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

The table and the benches are extremely sturdy and don't wobble. I liked how it looked in the product photos, but in person, I think it's even better.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

Extremely sturdy and solid. This table is perfect. The wait was unfortunately long.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

We used this for homeschooling our two children. they are able to have all their school materials and still have plenty of room to complete tasks

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0
Quality Quality Quality

You pay what you get for. This table is worth every penny. Solid wood, gorgeous color. I’ve gotten endless compliments on it since we purchased back in July! Easy to open and close.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0
Love it

The table is beautiful and they were amazing when dealing with us. Anytime I had a question they promptly answered me. It looks beautiful in my kitchen and it’s so sturdy! I absolutely love it!

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

Love this dining table set! Perfect for the space I have. Looks very nice.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0
Absolutely worth the (unfortunately) long wait!!!

I have been waiting on the dining set for a few months unfortunately and grew very frustrated about the wait, but just got the table today finally....and we are just blown away. All the frustrations are gone after seeing this beauty of craftsmanship and quality. The packaging was incredible (but a little heavy), wood quality is is everything and more you see in these sales videos and pictures. Transformer Table...really well done! Just hope they give each customer good updates about order status (and delays) so that customers have managed expectations about delivery....and yet all the trouble and wait is just so worth it!!!!

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

Aesthetically really pleasing and it's a great size for a little apartment.

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

My wife and I bought this table for our kitchen. When it arrived we were both immediately surprised with the level of quality. The paint, the build, the wood the material of the mechanism. For the price, the value of this table can’t be beaten!

Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0

This table is a beautiful wood and rich wood grain throughout. Packaged well. Shipping was longer than expected.