Transformer Coffee Table 3.0


Transformer Coffee Table 3.0

Bring beauty and more function to your living area with the Transformer Coffee Table. Featuring an integrated panel storage unit, it’s the perfect place to store your table panels and maximize your living space.

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Transformer Coffee Table 3.0

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Customer Reviews

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Heather S Fogg
Exactly what I wanted.

I had been eyeing this table for a while. I'm glad we decided to finally get it. I think this will be last table we ever own, as it's versatility is amazing. I love that I can host holiday get togethers without bringing in an extra, cheap plastic, table just to accommodate everyone.
Solid hardwood, at this price point, is impossible to come by. Plus, they even add in a small bottle of color matched lacquer, in case of scratches or dings. With 3 kids and 2 dogs, I will be needing that for sure! It's super easy to put together, and is really sturdy. I highly recommend!

Allen Strickler

Shipping took a long time but just a tad bit longer than I was told when I ordered. I got the full set plus coffee table. These are solid pieces. They make one realize how cheap most of the other stuff we buy nowadays furniture wise. These are absolutely built to last. One thing, don’t get the impression that he benches are going to be easy to just be moved around whenever. They are HEAVY. Even with all the pieces taken off and NOT in the storage area, these are still really heavy. But again, that is testament to their solid construction. Shipped very well (styrofoam-a-rama).



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