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Transformer Dining Set - The Family

The family set includes the only wooden extendable dining table of its kind that seats from 2 to 12 people, and four stackable dining chairs.
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Dark Walnut
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What's Included

  • Transformer Table
Transformer Table
$2,300 $1,610
  • Dark Walnut::Gallery
4x Transformer Chairs
$1,160 $812


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  • Transformer Coffee Table - Panel Storage
Transformer Coffee Table - Panel Storage
$900 $630
  • Dark Walnut::Gallery
Transformer Chairs
$290 $203
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High-Quality Materials

Made with solid wood and engineered hardwood.

  • Weight & Support


    Transformer Table™: 
    Console - 50 kg ⎮ 110.23 lbs
    Panels - 25 kg ⎮55.12 lbs

    Transformer Bench™: 
    Console - 35 kg ⎮ 77.16 lbs
    Panels - 10 kg ⎮ 22.05 lbs

    Transformer Chairs™: 7.9 kg ⎮17.4 lbs


    Transformer Table™: up to 750 lbs ⎮ 340.19 kg
    Transformer Bench™: up to 1500 lbs ⎮ 680.39 kg 
    Transformer Chairs™: up to 400 lbs ⎮ 181.44 kg 

  • Materials

    All furniture in the Transformer Dining Set™ Collection is made with solid wood, engineered hardwood and steel mechanisms. The pieces feature a matte lacquer finish and visible wood grain. Each signature finish reflects a unique intensive creation process:

    Scandinavian Oak: Crafted of solid oak, engineered hardwood and Danish oak veneers.

    Canadian Birch, Smoked Hickory, Aged Elm: Crafted of Hevea wood and engineered hardwood sourced from the forests of Malaysia.

    Dark Walnut: Crafted of solid American ash wood, engineered hardwood and French ash veneers.

  • Care

    Simply use a lint-free dampened cloth with a touch of gentle wood-specific cleaner and wipe in the same direction as the wood grain. Doing so on a regular basis will keep your Transformer Dining Set™ looking as clean as the day it was delivered to your home. 

    This furniture line is scratch, heat, stain, and liquid resistant. Due to the nature of the wood materials, we highly recommend taking the necessary precautions to keep your dining table looking brand new for many years to come, such as using protective accessories like tablecloths, placemats, coasters, and hot plates to shield your Transformer Table™. Make sure to store your different Transformer Table™ components in the same living space as much as possible, and always keep them in a climate-controlled area. Optionally, you can occasionally use wood polishing oil to restore the shine of your furniture pieces. In the case of an accidental scuff, we do include a bottle of touch-up stain with each Transformer Table™ order so you have a perfect match on hand.

    Wood - When cleaning your Transformer Table™ products, use only household cleaners or solvents intended for wooden materials. Using other household cleaning products may damage the finish. Use a clean cloth made of soft, lint-free cotton. Moisten the cloth with just enough water to make dust adhere to it. Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain. Store the wooden components of your TT products in the same living environment as much as possible. 

    Fabric - When cleaning your Transformer Table™ products, use only household cleaners or solvents intended for fabric materials. Using other household cleaning products may damage them. Vacuum, then use a soft cloth and gently blot any wet spots without pressing too firmly. Use warm water and let the fabric dry completely.


18"L x 37.5"W x 30"H


1 Panel

38"L x 37.5"W x 30"H


2 Panel

58"L x 37.5"D x 30"H


3 Panel

78"L x 37.5"W x 30"H


4 Panels

98"L x 37.5"W x 30"H


5 Panels

118"L x 37.5"W x 30"H