Transformer Table - The Ultimate Dining Table Solution for Small Apartments

The Ultimate Dining Table Solution for Small Apartments

February 18, 2022

A centerpiece of any living space is the dining table, but what size table should you buy if you live in an apartment or condo? Space is limited, which means you’re forced to compromise between a fashionable dining room table and a more compact table to fit your dining area. Should you buy the smaller table for everyday use, or the larger table for guests? What do you do when your needs change or your family grows?

The ultimate small-space solution

With a Transformer Table, you no longer need to compromise. You get the most highly-developed and tested adjustable dining room table on the market, providing every option you need with one purchase. Collapse it into an elegant table for two that fits the smallest kitchenette, expand it into a beautiful dining room table large enough for a family, or extend it fully to seat 12 people.

It even comes with matching hardwood seating, which expands from a single seat to a full bench for six.

When the meal is finished and the guests are gone, table and bench shrink back into an apartment-sized table and chair that fit anywhere. The table can even become small enough to be used as a shelf-sized desk. 

The Transformer Table comes with five leaves that can be added easily and quickly. The table pulls apart and comes together with almost no effort. You don’t even need to worry about storing the leaves! They fit inside an attractive matching coffee table for easy access. 

One table for every decor and every move

Transformer Table’s ingenious design gives apartment and condo dwellers the ultimate solution for every space and style. Made of lustrous hardwood with a choice of colors, it looks great in a modern condo and also blends beautifully with traditional decor. 

The basic table arrives fully assembled and ready to use. High-quality, beautifully designed, and easy to move, the Transformer Table can follow you from a small space to a large house. You can even collapse your dining room table and place it in the back of your SUV! It truly is the only table you’ll ever need. 

Check out our beautiful hardwood finishes to find the perfect dining room table for your space.